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Giving Back And Transforming Lives

A true impact can be made by funding to charity, we will largely allow the community to select where these donations will be made.

All donations will be publicly available and viewed on our website in the form of a tracker before and after the charity events held.

Lepifany will be concentrating on the most vulnerable of people and children, this will be most important in terms of the causes that will be supported and donations made to.

  • The causes on agenda included but not limited to are (The order has no particulars):
  • Lack of shelter, such as the homeless
  • Those with lack of food and water, locally and with extended aid to Africa and impoverished regions of Asia and rest of the world
  • Animal Rescue and assistance dogs
  • Concern for the aged, the elderly who have given to society their whole lives and now require help in return
  • The disabled and impaired population
  • The environment
  • Mental health

The Lepi community will also have an input by voting for charities on our website, these will be handpicked by the Lepifany team or suggested by our users.