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LEPI Patron

Lepi patron official logo
Lepi Patron official logo


This will be the security encyclopaedia of crypto, for safekeeping when dealing with crypto, on all blockchains and will be constantly maintained on any newly obtained data and intelligence.


It will cover topics such as hardware wallets for protecting crypto investments to spotting various unwarranted code contained within smart contracts.

Moreover, there will be guidance and procedures highlighted for individuals providing resources on how to report fraud and financial loss in the cryptocurrency space following this principle.

  • User enters their location
  • Lepifany returns contact details of relevant authorities that the the malpractice and fraudulent activities can be reported to
  • Guidance and protocol to follow in reporting
  • Signposting to additional authorities if need be
  • Supporting organizations to deal with the financial loss
  • Lepifany retains the report in its databases for record-keeping and it is eventually migrated to Lepi Xpose
Lepifany shield flow
Lepi concept of the initial flow to protect investors against malpractice