Lepi is here

To make things right

It is extremely important to listen to the community within the crypto space as they provide an insight on various important elements of the project.

There have been various issues in the past and even currently that are a cause for concern when it comes to acquiring feedback on a core teams decisions.



The community knows

The community is the backbone of the project, it is what will keep it going, you have to be heard and replied to

Trackers on the website

Trackers will be added on the website to provide a clear view of where the development stage is at

frequent updates

There will be information spread with the community as and when needed for awareness

community Feedback

Shortly after launch, Lepifany will realease it's voting system on many different aspects of the project for community voting on decisions

what can i do?

how you can help


simply put, please vote on any campaign and decision you have passion for and want to see change and provide reasons for doing so


communicate with other members of the community and speak all things LEPI and feed off ideas to relay back to the team

tell lepifany

Let Lepifany kow about your feedback on any aspect, if you have an idea or want to see a change, many others are likely wanting it too

actively participate

participation in different campaigns by Lepifany is equally important. Play your part no matter the type of campaign.