Core Values


Through trust, we will build a special connection and a bond that is much needed in the cryptocurrency spectrum.

This is especially true as we all are aware that Crypto has been largely riddled with dishonesty, scams, and bitter feuds between rival projects.


Honesty is of paramount importance for Lepifany, no matter the state of affairs, the information will need to be shared with the community by the Lepi team.

Through the lows and highs, every single community member needs to stand together and strive through obstacles that arise, no matter what these may be.

Lepifany whole ecosystem


It is essential that everyone follows the rules of conduct, from the CEO & Founder, Developers, other team members, down to each community member.


Lepifany believes in persistence in terms of work ethics, carefulness in the way we conduct ourselves, our business, liaison with the community, and outside with the wider world.

Community Diligence

This is also expected and encouraged by our valuable community members, to be professional in their approach, as the whole team of Lepifany, at all times, reputation needs to remain intact and continuously built upon.

Whole Team

For Lepifany to endeavor its accomplishments, we all need to work solidly together.

This means we support one another, no matter the situation, in a professional and attentive manner.

Together as one

Lepifany believes in treating everyone as equal

No matter the number of tokens one holds, or the status within the hierarchy of Lepifany or the community.

We shall never compete with other Crypto projects, no matter the scenario in play, we shall work together as one, growing in numbers and embracing everybody with open arms.

Lepi Seeks partnerships

lets collaborate and see what Lepifany can offer you Our of the box

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