Lepifany update - 10/8/2021


– Priority Number One –

Original supporters of the project will be forwarded tokens as promised after launch with additional percentage, plus incentives in the form of BNB from the teams personal purse to express our utmost gratitude ❤️

Presale/DXSALE: https://dxsale.app/app/v2_9/defipresale?saleID=2652&chain=BSC

18/8/2021 – 17:00 UTC

– CAPS –

Softcap: 250BNB
Hardcap: 500BNB

Over 15% extra tokens at presale compared to launch.

Contributions: 0.1 BNB – 5 BNB

– Dynamic Taxes –

Automated BNB Pay-out rewards (Every two hours): 5%

Liquidity: 2%

Marketing: 1%

Charity/Community: 1%

Burn: 2%

Total: 11%

Tax above is dynamic – For example, marketing funds have been accumulated over time and we have enough monetary value and no longer require the tax to be sent to the wallet anymore.

We redistribute this tax to BNB payouts, increasing holders receipt of the BNB payouts from 5% to 6%.

The timing rate at which you receive BNB rewards currently set at 2 hours can be altered to 4 or 6 hours or as the community wishes dependent on demand by the community and certain scenarios in future.

The BNB tax rate can also be increased if demanded based on various scenarios for the benefit of holders to receive more BNB payouts.

The Lepifany community have the final say on this via a voting system coming.


Wallet addresses for transparency released after distribution takes place once DXsale is over.

Development: 5% – Funding all facets of the Lepifany ecosystem which includes dApps, native apps, subsidized websites etc.

Future Campaigns: 2% – New innovative project assistance program, women for crypto and other exclusive campaigns for vetted start-ups who require help to implement unique aspects to the Crypto space, with special focus on security and integration to the LEPI ecosystem.

Charity/Community: 2%

– Charity: Aid through donations primarily to those most in need. Disaster relief will be prioritised, along with vulnerable people and children: https://lepifany.com/kb/lepi-aid-fund/

– Community Events: This will include already funded raffles, lotteries, giveaways, prizes etc, for Lepifany holders only and wallets chosen at random to be sent the prizes.

Airdrop: 2%


Seed Investment: 1.7% (Lepi’s wallet for the whole team, no sells from this wallet) See Update page at the bottom for further information.

All BNB payouts will be used to cover team travel expenses as an example for meetings and cover other Lepifany business related adventures to promote the Lepifany brand, including specialist recruitment, staff wages etc.

No other personal wallets are owned by the team.

Initial and ongoing injected funds to the project by the founding team, in exchange, for a portion of the total token supply.

Seed investment has been distributed based on the following list (Not exhaustive):

– Token contribution and creation – Website and relative web application development (including the Airdrop, Presale and Claim dApps)
– Development and acquirement of Lepi bots
– Various application acquisitions and development
– The hiring of temporary team members such as advisors, developers, innovative leads, management, etc.
– Hosting and several server fees on a monthly Rota
– Video and graphics development
– Initial and ongoing marketing efforts and campaigns
– Initial and ongoing development of dApps, prototypes, and mock-ups of the ecosystem, etc.


– Anti-Whale features

Initial sell limit set at 0.1%

– Anti-sniping PCS bot

– Sell Cool-downs –

The initial sell will be charged at normal tax, 11%.

A second sell within a 30 minute window, will be charged at 44% maximum.

The cooldown timer runs as per the contract functionality, meaning after 15 minutes of the initial sell, the tax rate will be reduced to 22% and back to normal once the 30 minute expiry window.

– Recipients will receive the full amount of tokens

– Disruptive transfers via the Lepifany BNB dashboard and beyond for bypassing the initial sell limit set, 50% of BNB fees charged will go to charity and the other 50% to the BNB pool

The whole contract has been designed to deter the price volatility of the Lepifany token and therefore benefit holders.

– The Lepifany Team

Lepifany update - 10/8/2021

Here is the Lepifany progress thus far since our last announcement.

– Live chat is now available to talk to the team directly on any of our pages on the site, even this one right here

The chat is not reliant on any third party provider apart from Lepifany’s own and have full control of it without any interference or anybody getting hold of the information you enter.

We are only asking for your nickname currently or email if you would like to leave a message if we are not available immediately.

Please note, that any core team member will be able to join the chat and answer your questions.

Largely, the team is based in the United Kingdom and the European regions, please bear this in mind when you are contacting us via chat and we are not available to respond instantly as we are constantly working.

We welcome anybody to speak to the team members, raise concerns, comments, feedback or ask questions related to the Lepifany project.

– What else? –

The Dashboard

– 90% complete, however TestNet has been giving us trouble today with transactions pending throughout the day which held us back when testing the contract. However, we carried on working on various other aspects of the project.

– Contract Functionality News –

– No fees for BNB rewards which are sent automatically to holders

– Turntables (Will explain in more detail soon after additional testing)

– Timed price increments with cooldowns: First sale will be normally taxed, if the same person attempts to sell again within a certain time period, the tax will be higher until the cooldown period ends

– Innovative functionality on hold, 2 issues encountered and to complete the dashboard and the contract to be ready for DXsale, this is now in the backlog and will be reviewed in due course

– Anti-Sniping bot function at PCS was successful, does not affect average buyer

More to be released

– Anything New –

GDPR & Privacy Policy now online

Please note the Privacy Centre is not yet live but it is coming soon (Delete your account, data, download copies of your data held by LEPI, Privacy Officer and more)

– Discord has had a huge revamp, you can now play a variety of games, PVP too (Against other members), memes, create private tickets, call crypto chart snapshots, select roles and tons more: Join Discord

We are looking at extensions of the Telegram chat currently to enhance user experience.

– One page Lepifany explainer for various prominent Crypto forums near end of design for DXsale promotions

Terms & Conditions now live

P2P Marketplace Vendors & Sellers Terms now live and ready for the deployment of the LEPI Crypto Seller Marketplace to be released at a certain date after launch

Lepifany Cookie Policy now live

– When is DXsale –

Most likely to be held mid next week

– Preparations need to take place such as booking slots for ads in advance and other aspects of Marketing which require calendar bookings out of our control

– Dashboard and contract should be ready anytime now to be deployed

– We are avoiding weekend presale as it is usually quite in the crypto world as per advice by a Marketing team

Extra Info

– Whitepaper will be updated soon as the contract is complete

– Lepifanomics will also be updated once the contract is complete

– Knowledge base will reflect the new contract and also the new dashboard

– Airdrop will still be functioning based on the new contract

– The Lepifany Team

Lepifany update - 04/8/2021 / The below is from the last 36 hours

Priority Number One – Our Current Investors

Some of you, we have reached out directly to discuss next steps and a choice of what you wish to do moving forward.

1. Refund your BNB investment and if you wish to buy at the next presale, you are free to do so
2. Provide you an incentive in the form of extra percentage of your LEPI holdings after launch and a special giveaway
3. Whomever we do not have personal contact with, you will be sent extra percentage of your current Lepi tokens once we officially launch

What Happened?

1. We had developed a dApp to hold our presale on our independent website, the reason for this was that we avoid sniping bots and other efforts to manipulate the presale.

However, after feedback and reports received on the 3rd Of August, we have been told this was not actually trusted and were losing potential investors.

2. Marketing efforts by the team did not meet targets unfortunately as we were mainly using ads on various social platforms amongst other ways to boost morale and bring in new investors.

Majority of hired marketing teams did not achieve and neither met our expectations as promised, instead we were bot attacked and Lepifany cannot accept artificial pumping, we would like to grow organically.

3. Potential investors have provided feedback indirectly and directly which we have been taken onboard and this is the reason we want to move forward as follows

What has changed?

1. Marketing, we have been in touch with a serious, dedicated team who know the crypto space who have provided direction and also various other important information on how to be conclude the presale on DXsale.

We will be working with them long term for various other campaigns due to their expertise, communication and efforts to assist in making the presale a success

2. We have hired Mods for Discord, in order to be ready after marketing in case we receive some traction on there

3. We have hired a Discord team to setup and prepare our Discord server, ETA 3 days maximum

4. We have spoken to 3 social media managers in total today, we will have scheduled posts across our social media channels, frequent to provide updates about Lepifany

4. We are holding our presale on DXsale, date to be arranged

What are you doing different?

We will be running these campaigns moving forward to bring awareness prior to presale:

  1. PooCoin ads prior to presale
  2. CoinSniper ads prior to presale
  3. Crypto related Telegram Pin ads
  4. Seeking a Lepifany Twitter Giveaway by an influencer
  5. Seeking a potential AMA with a popular Telegram crypto group with organic following
  6. Telegram promotions and “shilling”
  7. Other campaigns to boost the presale

What have you done since 3/8/2021?

  1. New contract to automate BNB claims being developed
  2. New Lepifany dashboard design completed and being developed
  3. Hiring of contractors for social platforms – Ongoing/Scheduled posts
  4. Mods for Discord hired
  5. Team hired to setup Discord for Lepifany based on crypto – ETA max 3 days
  6. Speaking with specialized Crypto marketing teams with proven expertise

When is DXsale?

Lepifany would like to complete the dashboard and contract first, have a finished product prior to DXsale and before holding the presale.

ETA for this is 3 days minimum right now, but this not guaranteed as testing needs to be concluded and any issues that have come up to be resolved.

We are working non-stop to have it completed as soon as possible.

We are coders by nature and it is what we do best, hence the fact we want to continue developing the tools to reform security within crypto.

What else?

We hope our current investors especially, see the efforts the Lepifany team are making.

We have listened to feedback and have used our own funds continuously to keep going and accomplish what we have started.

We are exploring the crypto space, it is not as transparent and straight forward as we had hoped it to be.

We have learnt a lot along the way within a short amount of time.

We hope to change this and ensure we bring other projects and entities onboard after we launch to form a unified partnership once our tools go live and they can see the potential in assisting investors in many different ways, especially security.

Finally, we hope everybody can see that the Lepifany team, deliver and never give up.

We appreciate the ongoing support, especially from those that have reached out, have made attempts to assist the Lepifany team, provided much needed feedback and the positive remarks.